Pride Hearts

Emoji Name Source
ace-heart ace-heart Unknown
agender-heart agender-heart Unknown
aplatonic-heart aplatonic-heart wheresalice
aro-heart aro-heart Unknown
bi-heart bi-heart Unknown
demiboy-heart demiboy-heart Unknown
demigirl-heart demigirl-heart Unknown
enby-heart enby-heart Unknown
genderfluid-heart genderfluid-heart Unknown
genderqueer-heart genderqueer-heart Unknown
heartish heartish Unknown
intersex-heart intersex-heart Unknown
leather-heart leather-heart Unknown
lesbian-heart lesbian-heart Unknown
neutrois-heart neutrois-heart Unknown
pan-heart pan-heart Unknown
pride-heart pride-heart Unknown
rainbow-heart rainbow-heart Unknown
straight-ally-heart straight-ally-heart Unknown
stroop-hearts stroop-hearts Unknown
trans-heart trans-heart Unknown

If you have more or know the sources of any of these, please raise against the GitHub repo.